Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mongolian Blue Butt!

This photo and headline requires some explanation, so read on:
Caroline's is Korean, and her father is very concerned that their heritage is carried on. Korea has a proud history that can be traced back to Gengis Khan, and Caroline's dad has a handwritten book documenting their family lineage back over 800 years! It has been passed from generation to generation, father to son, each new name added to that book.

Caroline is the first to marry a non Korean, and one concern was if our son would have a distinctive blue spot on his bottom--a mark only seen on babies carrying Mongol blood. It dissapears after a few years. See it in the photo? There is the blue butt that marks him as a descendent of Gengis Khan, inheritor of thousands of years of Korean history!


  1. Is that Mongolian spot gone? I know a few kids who still have definitely didn't go away after the first few weeks.

  2. 9 months later and the spot is still there. Does it go away?

  3. From what I was told about my son's blue butt, it goes away after a few years